Jun 23, 2007

Life Is a Long Journey

June 2, 2004
Farewell Speech, by Darren Yeh, charter president(2003-2004)

Dear fellow Toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

I haven't seen you for a long time. How have you been? First and foremost, I want to share good news and bad news with you. Which one do you want to know first?

Good news is that I already got a job--- Evergreen Marine Co. accepted me to serve as a marine mate and asked me to get on board by the end of this month. So, I will leave Taiwan for several months and sail around the world. Before I work on a 6,000 TUE container ship, I have to take many training courses for meeting the professional competency requirements and that's why I can't attend tonight's officer's installation ceremony. I am so sorry! But if my vessel entering Kaohsiung Harbor, you are most welcome to visit my ship and be my guests on board.

About the bad news--- my NEW girl friend and I broke up last week. Through this ANOTHER tragedy, I learnt that "never believe what women said"; and "there is no good unmarried women but lesbians." John, do you agree? I know it’s hard to tell the truth before so many beautiful girls.

Life is a long journey. We may get a lot of fun during it. 18 months ago, in order to fulfill my 2 years military service, I came to southern Taiwan. At here, I met a sweet, considerate and of course, MARRIED lady--- Sherry; we started to discuss the possibilities of chartering a club in Tsoying. Then, we shared our ideas with many senior members in Division D. Certainly, we got lots of inspiring responses--- Dick, Melody, Grace and John, thank you so much for your advice and support. From then on, the seeds of chartering our club were deeply rooted in our hearts.

Through 6 months hard working, we hold 2 demo meetings, recruited 25 charter members, conducted the officer team, sent required documentary materials to HQs, then our club was finally chartered.

After the chartering, our club officers devoted themselves to our members, Ivans, Joyce, Andy, W.C., Joy, Angela, Jeff, Sherry and Alan, your effects made our club a lovely club. You did a wonderful job. I thank you.

Grace, the difference between your presidency and mine is you got it through a democratic, fair and peaceful election. Your inauguration is full of blessings and joyfulness. I believe that you will lead our club to a prosperous future. I hand it to you.

By the way, Benjamin, my Cow Lord, as an ATM, you decided and were elected SAA. I am very proud of you. I hope one day, you will be our club's president.

Life is a long journey. When we end a story, another story is just beginning. It's really nice to having you during my journey of life. And these days we were here will always be remembered.
I love you and “I'll be back, soon.”

Sincerely yours,
Darren Yeh

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