Jun 22, 2007

Festival (Word of the day, 2007/6/20)

By Summer Lin

Dragon Boat Festival
• Rice-Wrap Day, (Agriculture Calendar May 5th)
• Dragon-boat races/ Rice dumpling
• In memory of Chu Yuan!

Other festivals?
Chinese Traditional Festivals
• Spring Festival
• Lantern Festival
• Mid-Year Festival (Ghost Festival)
• Mid-Autumn Festival
• New Year's Eve (the last day of the Agriculture Calendar)
Other Examples:
• Christmas is one of the festivals of Christian Church.
• The movie generated a very positive response at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Definition 1:
• A series of performances of movies, plays, music, or dancing that is usually organized in the same place at the same time each year.
The Edinburgh Festival愛丁堡藝術節
Definition 2:
• an event that is held to celebrate a particular thing or activity
Yang Ming Shan Flower Festival
Definition 3:
• A day or period when there is a public holiday, often to celebrate a religious event.
Moon Festival

• feste
• feast
• fete
• -fest

More words:
• Fest- a song/beer/food fest/ -fest/talkfest
• Festive-bright and cheerful, joyful, merry
• festivity- things done to celebrate a special occasion

• V+ festivalhold a festivalkeep the Spring Festivalobserve/celebrate a festivalthrow a
• Adj/N+ festivala religious/ dance/drama/film/folk/harvest/music/beer/flower festival

More examples:
• The Cannes Film Festival
• A harvest festival
• A Shakespeare festival
• The silver jubilee festival
• A victory festival
• Mud Festival
• Film Festival

Enjoy yourselves!
• What kind of festival do you enjoy the most?
• Do you want to create a festival of your own?

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