Jun 23, 2007

C1 Speech (Leon Wang in 2006)

My name is Leon. It is my French name. Last year, I graduated from CCU which is located in Chia-Yi County. I studied in Department of Foreign languages and literature. English courses are compulsory for us, and we have to take Second Foreign Language courses. I choose French. Why? At first, I was interested in Japanese courses, but I heard some bad news about the Japanese instructor, so I changed my mind to head for French realm. Honestly, I don’t learn French very well, but I always cheat my friends with some French sentences, to prove I am good at it! Such as…

My college life is a turning point for me. It is my first time to leave home and to live in the faraway place. When I didn’t go to the college, my first impression for Chia-Yi County was a place of inconvenience. I was not surprised when I reached there. The most you could see was farm, farm, and farm. Meanwhile, the air was full of the smell of fertilizer. Everything there was new for me because I never experienced it before, especially in Kaohsiung. However, God is equal. Some things only happen in rural areas. Can you imagine a firefly flies into your home? This happened to me. It stops on the top rim of my cup, twinkling and twinkling. I am excited by this little insect. The one necessary thing that students in our college need to experience during the 4 years is go to the mountain area in竹崎 to enjoy the firefly pageant. I will remember forever we rode on our motorcycles at midnight and went to the mountain where is lightless, totally dark. Finally, we really saw numerous fireflies. Until now, the most shocking scene for me is many, many, many fireflies gathering in a tree. It is like a Christmas tree. This big fake Christmas tree has been unforgettable for me so far.

After my graduation last year, I found a part-time job while I was waiting for the military service. I went to the naval troops in September, but quickly I was rejected because of high blood pressure. I “heritage” the disease from my father. Later, I took 12-day replacement service in December. High blood pressure is complicated for me. It lets me get rid of the normal military service, whereas it is a potential jeopardy in my life. As a result, I keep a habit of jogging to make my body healthier.

When it comes to my personality, I define myself as a man of discipline. I am not good at joking, but I like to be infected by happy atmosphere. I always have great fun in making humorous and amusing friends because they can bring me happiness. Obviously, members in Toastmaster are my great friends because all of you bring me the most fun. Now, I am preparing for the Entrance Exam of Political Science Department next year. I find everything about international relations is fascinating, such as International Relation Theory, International Law, Political Science. I take much time to be with the books every day. My life pattern is immutable and pure. That’s why I look forward to Toastmaster activity so much. Because you make my life colorful!

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