May 3, 2007

Grant (World of the day, 2007/5/3)


Money given esp. by the state for a particular purpose, e.g. to a university or to support a student during his/her studies:

She finds it difficult to live on her grant.

You can get a grant to improve your house.


1. to give esp. what is wanted or requested:

The boys were granted an extra day's holiday.

They granted him permission to go.

The minister granted journalists an interview.

2. to admit to {the truth of (something)}:

I grant you that the mayor isn't very popular at the moment, but I think he will win the next election.

3. granted yes (but):

"We've been very successful this year."

"Granted. But can we do it again next year?"

4. take something/someone for granted:

a. to accept a fact, action, etc., without question:

I took it for granted that you would want to see the play, so I bought you a ticket.

b. to to treat something or someone with no attention or thought; not realize the truth value of:

He's so busy with his job that he takes his family for granted.

Some times we take people's kindness for granted.

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