May 16, 2007

Affection (Word of the day, 2007/5/16)

1. feeling or emotion: She has a great affection for her families.
2. influence: The affection of global warming on earth are self-evident.
3. disease: The boy is suffering from an affection of the ear.
4. attribute: The figure, weight, etc., are affections of bodies

Affective(adjective): affective disorder

Affect (verb): The amount of rain affects the growth of crops.
She was deeply affected by his love.
His lung had become affected.

Affection is the expression of care. It symbolizes security, protection, comfort and approval -- vital ingredients in any relationship. When one spouse is affectionate toward the other, the following messages are sent:

You are important to me. I will care for you and protect you.
I'm concerned about the problems you face and will be there for you when you need me.
There are some ways to communicate affection effectively.

A simple hug can say those things. And there are many other ways to show our affection:

A greeting card or an "I love you" note; a bouquet of flowers; holding hands; walks after dinner; back rubs; phone calls; and conversations with thoughtful and loving expressions. All of these can effectively communicate affection.

Affection is, for many, the essential cement of a relationship. Without it, many feel totally alienated. With it, they become emotionally bonded. If you feel terrific when your spouse is affectionate, and you feel terrible when there is not enough of it, you have the emotional need for affection.

A public display of affection (sometimes abbreviated PDA) is the. For example, Holding hands & Kissing cheek in public are commonly defined as public displays of affection.

For Example: Could you mention some behavior or actions to express your affection for your mother during the mother's day?

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