May 13, 2007

Toastmasters C3 Speech

“Skype: The Whole World Can Talk for Free”

August 16, 2006 Rebecca Chou

We are suffering the most depression period in Taiwan, gaining the same salary but everything gets more and more expensive. We have to pay more for bills of gasoline, water, telecommunication, electricity and gas and pay more for grocery, clothing and other items. But what we earn is not what we get. Our working hours are longer and we have more jobs than before but we did not get more in our bank account. Therefore, some people start to think how to save money. For example, stop driving to work, flushing toilet with used water, turning off the lights after leaving the room or using Skype instead of telephone.

The Internet phone, Skype, is now popular all over the world. It offers free communication for Skype users and once you have a Skype account, you can enjoy chatting with anyone for as long as you want without paying a cent. You can even talk to foreigners for practicing your language ability because once you are on line and open to chat, they can probably find your name and call you for starting conversations easily. Even long-distance romance can be maintained well through Skype. Adding a webcam, you can see each other clearily. Moreover, you can make domestic and international calls through Skype or call to mobile phones under cheaper rates.

Skype is a little piece of software that lets you talk over the Internet to anyone in the world for free. It is founded in 2003, Luxembourg and is available in 27 languages. Until 2006, there are already 100 million Skype users. The following characteristics may attract your interests to in the Skype familiy.

S: Service of Communication
As mentioned before, for Skype users, any conversations through Skype are free and you can talk whatever and whenever you want without any cost. It still has functions to SkypeIn and SkypeOut. SkypeIn means you can have your own phone number for your friends to call you and you can just answer them through Skype. SkypeOut can let you make calls to traditional landlines or mobiles, that is, you can dial an ordinary phone or mobile phone when needed. The fare rate of these two is cheaper than ordinary phone.

Moreover, the communication can be made among five people at the same time. You can invite the other four to your phone call conversation and you will have chance to tell all of them in one time not separately. Even some firms will use it to make conference call to save money. And the quality of the communication is clear and stable as you are in the conference room.

K: Key-in Message
You can send any instant message to other Skype users just like msn. You can invite any person in your Skype contact list in the same chatting room to share the same message, files or photos.

Y: Young Generation Users
Most users of Skype belong to young generations, which is between 15 to 35 years old. Of course there are elder users but young people are the major ones because they are more accessible to use computers in general.

P: Practicing Language
Since Skype is available for the whole globe, you can set your status as open to chat and people on the line who are looking for a chat will call you by chance. Then you can definitely have chance to practice your language ability. I had one experience before. Some day a guy from Turkey would like to chat with me but at that time I was not in the mood of talking so I didn’t talk to him. However, I had a Spanish pen pal and he also has a Skype account. I hope someday I can have time to talk to him. Because of the time difference, I have to stay up late.

E: Easy to Use
As you can see on the screen, the operation of Skype is easy and simple. You have a main contact list and pressing green or red button to start conversation or to end it. For SkypeIn or SkypeOut, there is a real dial and with simple clicks and microphones, conversations can be started.

You may now wonder how to try it. First, you can find PC Home’s website at and download the software of Skype. Then you have to set up your own account by filling your personal data. Once it is available, you can key-in your account name and password to start it. Every time you turn on your computer, you will be online automatically.

In my company, we have to use Skype everyday because our factory is in the Mainland China. As a sales secretary, we need to confirm the delivery of shipment and everything with our factory to inform our clients so Skype becomes our major source of telecommunication. Believe it or not, our company has saved a lot because of this. Surely you can also benefit from this if you are one of the users!

As a deputy EVP of Tsoying Toastmaster Club, I am curious to know how much we can save from using Skype or msn. If you are also interested, please forward me your Skype or msn account so I can send you agendas through them directly or keep us in touch for free!

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