May 13, 2007

Tsoying Toastmasters Club C4 Speech

My Secret Garden: Gmail box

Rebecca Chou
Have you ever been in some chaos, feeling exhausted, depressed or empty before? More and more working and other kinds of pressures, the phenomena of suicide and credit card debt happening everyday, negative news from the media including increased pricing, high unemployment rate and other political arguments or other incidents ever make you feel tired of your life, your job, your family or anyone even anything else because you want to find a real quite place, somewhere you can take rest, clear your mind or even not to think any problems or troubles at all? A secret garden is what you need.

My secret garden is a place where I can say anything I want to a stranger who is my secret friend on the Internet. I met him in a chatting room of Spanish studying website. At first I just hope to find someone to practice my Spanish or I will probably forget how to say it since I do not have any chance to use it after graduation. I apply a new email address in google and all our emails are kept in records because the gmail box has a huge capacity and you do not have to delete a single email.

The reason why I chose him to be my pen pal is because of age and gender. We are almost at the same age and I think I could understand more about different opinions from a male friend. I am sure that we do not have any generation gap but only cultural difference. In the beginning I did not expect that I would know such a nice person. As you know, only dinosaurs will make friends through Internet no matter under which purpose. However, I think I am lucky because he is a very considerate and mature dinosaur.

Calling him a dinosaur is unfair because I have no idea of his looking. I told him that it will be better that we do not know each other’s faces because when one day I go to Madrid, I will not be afraid that someone on the street will call my name. He agreed therefore I told him that he is a friend of mine without faces. You can imagine that what you will tell your friends is what I have told him. Surprisingly, he gave me lots of good suggestions.

For example, when I told him that I am not interested in working in my current company, he suggested me to take notes everyday to find out the good points of this company or of my job. Then I found I could be happier staying in the same office after adopting his idea. We also discussed about marriage and other things and he impressed me a lot because of his sincere attitude toward my question.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Although he is not around me, every time I feel bad I will tell him. I also told him some secrets, which have never been told to others even my families. Sometimes I take time to write to him in my office especially when there is not too much work to do that day and I found it is a very good way to kill my time. Because he is someone who can listen to my complaints or strange ideas about everything and others will never know them.

Have you found your own secret garden where you can be relaxed and comfortable, where someone is there for you, where someone will listen to you and give you suggestions or comforts? After working a whole day, after your lows, I hope you all can find this place. It will make you feel full of strength and confidence again. Are you tired of current status? Try to find your secret garden and you will never know how much it will help you.

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