May 13, 2007

Tsoying Toastmasters Club C6 Speech

You Are Always on My Mind

Rebecca Chou 2006/10/04
This person is a great director. I have seen almost all him movies. He won lots of international awards, such as, Golden Lion or Oscar. This year he was the Oscar Best Director winner. And the movie brought him such honor is also popular. It describes the love between two young cowboys and their emotional struggle for the forbidden relationship. The most impressive thing he wants to say is that true love remains forever and it goes beyond genders, races, wealth or other things.

Ang Lee, an ordinary person, grew up in a traditional family. His father was a principal of Tainan senior high school. His manners and educational expectations once made this director very depressed because he did not get good grades in school. He liked to watch movies and write his own stories. He found movie is the one always on his mind.

After graduating from the university, he chose to study in the U.S. However, he worked at home before becoming successful and famous. He took the job as a househusband and cooked for his families for over six years. He did not give up his dreams. After his first film in Taiwan, he became noticed and got more opportunities.

His works of 飲食男女,推手and喜宴impressed the whole world. So the Hollywood, the major source of US movie industry invited him to join a new team. He started to make English films. Being an Asian working in a western country is not easy. It is easy for us to understand the cultural difference, communication and other difficulties. Nevertheless, he did it. “Sense and Sensibility”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Hawk” and “Brokenback Mountain” bring him to the world fame step by step.

Especially Brokenback Mountain gives him the Oscar Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score. He said there is a brokenback mountain hidden in everyone’s heart. It could be a person or anything else. Honestly I am still trying to find out my own brokenback mountain and I hope all of us can find it no matter how far or how hard we have to try. You may think it is only a gay movie, but never forget only true love can really touch people and can be always on our mind.

Ang Lee had done it and is still doing for it. How about us? Anyone or anything is on your mind right now? Don’t forget to fight for it because it is worthy and you can never imagine what you will gain from it.

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