Feb 6, 2010

Resume (Word of the Day, 2010/2/3)

►to start doing something again after stopping or being interrupted.
–-She hopes to resume work after the baby is born.
–-Not only is there an urgent requirement to resume economic growth, but we have to re-think where that growth takes place and whom it benefits.

Resume doing something
–-He will resume training as soon as the injury is better.

►if an activity or process resumes, it starts again after a pause.
–-Pumping operations would resume this morning.
–-Peace talks will resume tomorrow.
–-Economic growth resumed only in the late 1990s, but even today GDP (Gross Domestic Product) remains below that of 1990 in many of the countries.

Resume your seat/place/position
►to go back to the seat, place, or position where you were before.
–-Will the delegates please resume their seats?
–-Senator Arbib, resume your seat. When there is silence we will proceed.

resumption/rɪˋzʌmpʃən/[singular, uncountable noun]
►the act of starting an activity again after stopping or being interrupted.
–-Both countries are now hoping for a quick resumption of diplomatic relations.
–-Economic resumption is extremely important as it affects the entire community’s recovery efforts and is a major indication of how long it takes the community to redevelop.

►a short account of something such as an article or speech which gives the main points but no details [= summary]
–-He gave a resume of the year's work and wished the Society another successful year.
►[American English] a short written account of your education and your previous jobs that you send to an employer when you are looking for a new job. [=CV, curriculum vitae British English]
–-You're required to submit a resume.

e-resume/ˋiˏrɛzjume /
electronic resume
►an electronic written record of your education and previous jobs that you send to an employer over the Internet when you are looking for a new job.
–-Having an e-resume is a must for today's job search because the Internet has become a mainstream recruiting tool.

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