Feb 6, 2010

Innovation (Word of the Day, 2010,1/20)

Innovation [countable]
►A new idea, method, or invention
--What are the recent innovations in Information Technology sector?

Innovation [uncountable]
►The introduction of new ideas or methods.
–-We must encourage innovation if the company is to remain competitive.
–-We need to encourage innovation in industry.

Innovate [intransitive]
►To start to use new ideas, methods, or inventions.
–-Their ability to innovate has allowed them to compete in world markets.

Innovate [transitive]
►To introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time.
–-Our core business is to innovate a computer into a fully automated computer whereby the PC does not require additional administrator to look after the operation.

Innovative / also innovatory [adjective]
►An innovative idea or way of doing something is new, different, and better than those that existed before.
–-The city has introduced an innovative system of traffic control.
►Using clever new ideas and method
–-20 years experience in graphic arts coupled with an innovative design team we can make you look good either online or in print.

Innovator [countable]
►Someone who introduces changes and new ideas
–-However, after examining the evidence, I’ve determined that Microsoft is not a substantial innovator.

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