Aug 10, 2009

Stringency (Word of the Day, 2009/8/5)

By Nina Chou

Stringency [noun] / stringencies [pl.]

the quality or state of being stringent; strictness; severity

Stringent [adj.]

Usage Example:

(1) in these days of financial stringency

(2) short-term economic stringencies

(3) Preposition: of


The stringency of the requirements reflects the course’s popularity with applicants rather than its ‘value’ to employers.


Mr. Maclean should not have permitted the MLC advertisements to claim that with the stringency of controls even the remotest perceived risk was avoided.

(4) Converse of object


Other millions must have taken refuge behind the British and American lines, thus increasing the food stringency in our sector.


The colony successfully surmounted the financial stringency caused by the withdrawal of the imperial troops in 1905.

(5) Adjective modifier


We live in a wasteful society at a time of economic stringency.

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