May 9, 2009

Conquer (Word of the Day, 2009/5/6)

By C.F. Hsu
conquer (v)
1. Defeat or overcome (enemies, bad habits, etc)
e.g. conquer the enemy
e.g. conquer bad habits
e.g. conquer passions

2. Take possession of by force
e.g. conquer a country

conqueror (n) 
One who conquers (征服者)

conquest (n) 
1. Conquering (e.g. a country and its people)
2. Something got by conquering (戰利品)

Reference: Toastmaster March 2009
1. The Courage to Conquer the Next Step
By Jana Barnhill (International President)
2. How I Conquered My Contest Fears
By Angie Palmer

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