Oct 28, 2007

Wonders (Word of the day, 2007/10/17)

By Angela Yu
►wonder (n.)
It was a wonder that _____ managed to come at all----Unbelievable! She is so busy nowadays.
I shall never forget the look of wonder on her face the first time it snowed.
The wonders of modern technology
The Seven Wonders of the World

►wonder (v.)
I wonder what she will look like.

►wonderful (adj.)
A: “Guess what?” I have got a job at last.
B: “Wonderful!”

►wonderfully (adv.)
Dr. Landy says you are doing wonderfully well.

►wonderland (n.)
He went into the old lady’s house and found himself in wonderland.

►wonder child
►wonder drug

►wonder-stricken (and.): very surprised

►no wonder (little wonder, small wonder)
You were late this morning and no wonder, considering that you had passed such a terrible night.

►a nine days’ wonder
The singer is a nine days’ wonder. She is popular and interesting for a short time.

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