Sep 20, 2007

Communicate (Word of the day, 2007/9/19)

By James Wang
verb: communicate, communicated, communicating
►to transfer
A stove communicated heat to a room.
►to pass through, to lead to
This door communicates with my room.
►to attract
These are old plays that have long since lost their ability to communicate with an audience.
►to give a share of information, knowledge; to convey the knowledge of
I will communicate it with the studious of physical science.
I communicated with him by gesture.
►to interchange thoughts or opinions
We communicated with each other for years.
Television communicated the news to all country.

noun: communication
►conveying or exchange of ideas, knowledge, information, thoughts.
The communication of news by e-mail is very common in this modern society.
The telephone communication was cut off during the storm.
I am in communication with him on this subject.
►to pass through, to lead to
There is no communication between the two rooms.
►communicate a disease
Spitting in the street leads to the communication of disease.
►communication engineering;
Engineering with the sending and receiving of signals by means of electrical or electro acoustic device and electro magnetic waves.
The ministry of communications. Communications satellite.

noun: communicator
►a person who works with or on methods or devices used in communication or facilitating communication.
adjective: communicative
►able to talk easily to other people, talkative
He had headaches and isn’t feeling very communicative today.
adjective: communicable
►able to be communicated
Happiness and Knowledge could be communicable to each other.
Ideals are communicable by words or pictures.

communicable disease
►an infectious disease transmissible from person to person, animal to person by direct contact with an affected individual or his discharges
Conjunctivitis is a communicable disease, however cancer is not.
compare: contagious disease

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