Jul 29, 2007

It is possible

C4 speech by Kevin Chuu

Ladies and gentlemen, today I want to tell you a story about success. "Sailing to success?" Of course not! I am not going to repeat the theme of last year’s fall convention. But it did inspire me to make this speech.

What is it? Wait a second. Look! Here's the picture of me three years ago, and this is the picture of me right now. Yes! It is possible! Can you tell the difference? 20 kilograms plus! Right! I am telling you how to loose fat successfully.

As you can see I got 20-kilogram extra weight before. Do you have any specific idea of 20 kilograms? Here's the 2 liter bottle of water which weighs 2 kilogram. 20 kilograms means ten of them. It’s just equal to this 20 liter water tank.

Can you imagine that I have kept carrying this water tank over my back 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for almost eight years? No matter when I walked, ran, climbed the stairs or even slept, I had to carry this tank. My heart, blood vessels, and other organs also had to support it every second without any break.

Eleven years ago I was a 66-kliogram young man with bright future and perfect body shape. I married with the woman I loved and got two lovely daughters. Everything went fine except my gradually increasing waistline. When I first noticed it, my wife and I had a thorough discussion about how it could happen. Here are the conclusions we've gotten:

1. Cook by ourselves
Being a newlywed, my wife and I cooked together to enjoy the romantic and harmonic feeling between husband and wife. That was fine except we both were rookie cooks who didn’t know how to control the volume. We always cooked too much and, of course! It was me who had the responsibility to finish it—eat them out.

2. To be a garbage trunk
The situation was getting worse after my babies came out, because I also had to finish their leftover. Especially the nutritious baby foods didn’t taste very good, and most of the time my kids couldn't finish them. So, being a daddy with traditional value of not wasting any food, I always crammed those foods into my belly unconsciously. Then just as they were touted in the TV commercials, I grew up! I mean I swelled together with my babies.

3. Too much pressure and lack of exercise
Because we had to work during the daytime and take care of kids at night, we both were exhausted and lack of exercise. In addition, the more I felt tired and pressured, the more I wanted to eat, and the fatter I became. It was just a vicious spiral.

4. wrong concept
When I was getting bigger, my wife also got some vigilance and warned me "Do not eat too much." My excuse was always "Oh! Please, Honey! Not like other bad guys, I don't have any lousy habits like smoking, drinking and gambling. May I just keep the humble and harmful pleasure to enjoy a little delicious food after a hard day of work?" Of course! My wife couldn't reject this pitiful request. But it was absolutely wrong. I mean my fault, because food could also kill me, and even faster than the alcohol and tobacco.

Therefore, day after day my waistline had expanded from 32 to 41 inches, and all my clothes had been changed from size M to XL. However I didn't take it very seriously until one day I stood on the scale.

I can still remember that very moment of my life, just like a slow motion of movie, the pointer swept to 90, shaking over there. My daughter exclaimed "Wow! Daddy, you are 90 kilogram! When will you reach 100?" My heart sank. To a little girl like her, 100 was a magic word which meant perfect. To me, it was a spell of bad omen. I could tolerate 80, maybe 85. 90! Unacceptable! 100! I would rather die.

I am not kidding. Because when I got the health check report, I knew it wouldn't be long if I didn't take any action. The report was bleeding—full of red marks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, high urine acid and other high indices of various chronic diseases.

At last I made up my mind to reduce my weight. Making decision was always simple and easy, however, doing it was another story. It was a long and winding way full of funny and terrible experiences, and that will be my C5 speech next time. Mr. Toastmaster!

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