Sep 18, 2009

Humor (World of the Day, 2009/9/16)

Humor / humour /ˋhjumɚ/ [uncountable]
►the ability or tendency to think that things are funny, or funny things you say that show you have this ability
˙sense of humor
--It’s vital to have a sense of humor in this job.
˙somebody’s brand of humor
--The host puts the contestants at ease with his own brand of humor.
˙black humor (=jokes, funny stories etc about the unpleasant parts of life)
--A little black humor never hurts.
˙Schoolboy humor (=jokes, funny stories etc that are silly and rude but not offensive)
--Isn't he a bit old for this type of schoolboy humor?
˙dry/deadpan humor (=when someone pretends to be serious when they are really joking)
--Some people find it harder to catch a deadpan humor, which makes it more charming.
˙wry humor (=when someone jokes about something bad or difficult)
--The film shows the challenges that confront teachers, but it does so with a subtle and wry humor.
˙a flash/trace/touch of humor (=a small amount of humor)
--He showed flashes of humor that delighted the audience.
►the quality in something that makes it funny and makes people laugh
--He failed to see the humor of the situation.
˙in a good/an ill/a bad humor (= in a good or bad mood)
--At eighty her eyes still sparkled with good humor.

Humor / humour /ˋhjumɚ/ [transitive]
►to do what someone wants or to pretend to agree with them so that they do not become upset
--'Of course,' he said, humoring her.
--Children go through defined periods of oppositional behavior and may need humoring out of them.

Humorous /ˋhjumərəs/ [adjective]
►funny and enjoyable
--The film has some mildly humorous moments.

Humorously /ˋhjumərəslɪ/ [adverb]

Humorless /ˋhjumɚlɪs/ [adjective]
►too serious and not able to laugh at things that other people think are funny

Humorlessly /ˋhjumɚlɪslɪ/ [adverb]

Humorist / ˋhjumərɪst/ [countable]
►someone, especially a writer, who tells funny stories
--Her brother is quite a humorist.

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