Jan 11, 2009

October Reading: Set SMART Goals for Speaking Progress



a means to an end

Something that you are not interested in but that you do because it will help you to achieve something else.

--Mike doesn't have any professional ambitions. For him, work is just a means to an end. (not used with the)



Showing great courage or confidence in a way that is impressive or slightly shocking

--His plan was audacious, and could have come only from a man combining cunning with iron determination.


see something through

To continue doing something until it is finished, especially something difficult or unpleasant.

--It'll take a lot of effort to see the project through.



[uncountable] The act of choosing someone or something for a particular purpose, or of giving them a particular description.

--Lott opposed the designation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday.

[countable] A name or title.

--Her official designation is Systems Manager.



[transitive] To expect that something will happen and be ready for it.

--Schools anticipate an increase in student test scores.




[countable] Someone who starts a new business or arranges business deals in order to make money, often in a way that involves financial risks.

--In the very early stages of the evolution of a business concern, the entrepreneur is not much concerned with security.



Having such a great effect on you that you feel confused and do not know how to react.

--She found the city quite overwhelming when she first arrived.



A thin book giving information or advertising something.



[countable] A special plan of food, exercise etc that is intended to improve your health.



[countable] A written request signed by a lot of people, asking someone in authority to do something or change something.

--A petition signed by 1000 hospital doctors will be handed to the Minister of Health at lunchtime today.

[intransitive and transitive]

To ask the government or an organization to do something by sending them a petition.

petition somebody to do something

--Villagers petitioned the local authority to provide better bus services.

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