Sep 1, 2008

August Reading: Small Steps to Successful Speechwriting


Small Steps to Successful Speechwriting: Helping fledgling Toastmasters face the page


take on
►Undertake or begin to deal with
--I took on new responsibilities.
--She took on too much when she accepted both assignments.

►Hire, engage
--We take on extra workers during the busy season.
►Oppose in competition
--This young wrestler was willing to take on all comers.
►Display strong emotion
--Don't take on so.
►Acquire as, or as if, one's own
--He took on the look of a prosperous banker.

over one's head
►Beyond one's understanding or competence
--The math required to complete these figures is way over my head.
►To a position higher than another's
-- She was furious when her assistant was promoted over her head.

go over someone's head
►Appeal to a higher authority
--Since she couldn't help me, I decided to go over her head and talk to her supervisor.

hold somebody/something back
►To make someone or something stop moving forward
--Police held back the demonstrators.
►To prevent someone or something from making progress
--They felt the British economy was being held back by excessive government controls.
►To be unwilling to do something, especially because you are being careful, or to make someone unwilling to do something
--In the current situation many investors are holding back.
--She wanted to tell him but pride held her back.

hold something back
►To stop yourself from feeling or showing a particular emotion
--She struggled to hold back her tears.
--Anger flooded through her. She couldn't hold it back.
►To keep something secret
--Tell me all about it - don't hold anything back!

come up with
►produce, supply; discover, think of an idea, answer etc.
--Henry always comes up with the wrong answer.
--We're hoping they come up with a cure in time to help Aunt Alice.

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