Jul 7, 2008

Install (Word of the Day, 2008/7/2)

Joe Chu
Install (US also instal) /ɪnst'ɔl/ V.~sth (in sth)

►Fixed equipment, furniture, etc in position for use,esp by making the necessary connections with the supply of electricity, water,etc.
  • Install a heating or lighting system in a buildingThe hotel chain has recently installed a new booking system.
  • I’m having a shower installed.It is important to install a virus checker.
►Put sb/oneself in a place
  • Be comfortably installed in a new home.
  • She installed herself in her father’s favourite chair.

►Place sb in a new position of authority the usual ceremony.

  • She was installed as the first women chancellor of the university.

Installation /,ɪnstəl'eʃən/ Noun

►The act of fixing equipment or furniture in position so that it can be used

  • Installation coasts/charges
  • Carry out several installations
  • Installation requires several days
  • Installation of the new system will take several days.

►A peace of equipment or machinery that has been fixed in position so that it can be used

  • A heating installation

►The act of placing sb in a new position of authority, often with a ceremonyso that it can be used

  • The installation of the new officer.

►The word of source means place from Latin

►Some synonym for reference

  1. put in, place, locate, situate, emplace, station
  2. fix, set , embed, lodge, insert, plant
  3. induct, introduce, initiate
  4. instate, establish, inaugurate, chair, invest
  5. bring in, lead in, usher in

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