Apr 4, 2007

Time (Word of the Day, 2007/4/4)

Section 1 Definitions
l Noun
1. a limited period as between 2 events, for the completion of an action
ex: It will take you a long time to learn French.
2. the regular period of work of a worker
ex: full time / part time
3. a particular point in the day stated in hours, minutes, seconds, etc.
ex: bedtime / lunch time / summertime
4. an unlimited period in the future
ex: In time, you will forget him.
5. a period in history
ex: Queen Victoria’s time
6. a period or occasion and the particular experience connected with it
ex: We had a good time at the party.
l Verb
record the time taken for something or someone

Section 2 Phrases

Someone + kill time
Someone + wastes time
Pass time
Ex: Listening to the music helps her to pass the time.
Someone + spend time
Ex: I spend 15 min. to the office everyday.
It + takes time
Ex: It takes me 15 min. to the office.
Someone + have no time for + something
Ex: I have no time for doing an diet.

In time
On time
Against time: in an effort to finish something within a certain period
Ex: We are working against time to get this dictionary finished.

Free time: leisure time

For a time: a short period
From time to time: sometimes
Time after time: often, repeatedly
Once upon a time: a long time ago
At that time: at that moment

Further nouns related to time
Time keeper
Time-table: schedule

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